SUNU Participations Holding SA’s is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of four (4) members appointed by the shareholders’ meeting.

Functions and Responsibilities
The Board of directors determines the company’s business policies and ensures the implementation thereof. It exercises the following powers:

appointing the Managing Director as well as the Deputy Managing Directors
annual cut-offs
convening shareholders’ meetings
approving related-party agreements.

Some important operations or issues need prior approval of the Board of Directors (disposals or acquisitions, major financing operations or operations that are not within the company’s strategy ...).

The members of SUNU Participations Holding SA Board of directors are:

Mr Pathé DIONE, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Chairman of SUNU Finances Holding; Founder of SUNU Group)
Mr Papa-Demba DIALLO, Non-Executive Director (former Chairman of Société Générale de Banque of Senegal (SGBS)
Mr Federico ROMAN, Non-Executive Director (Senior Insurance Executive)

SUNU Participations Holding SA’s management team is comprised of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and two Deputy Managing Directors.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is vested with the broadest powers to act on behalf of the company in all circumstances.
He exercises his powers within the limits of the corporate purpose and subject to those powers expressly vested in law by shareholders and the Board of directors. He represents the company in its deals with third parties.

The Deputy Managing Directors
They are responsible for assisting the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in the performance of his duties. The Board determines the scope and term of the powers conferred upon the Deputy Managing Directors.

The Executive Committee
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has decided to rely on an Executive Committee in assisting him for the Group’s operational management. This Committee comprises four members as follows:



Chairman and CEO
Founder of SUNU Group


Mr. Pathé DIONE, founder of SUNU Group, was a Mathematics professor before joining the insurance company Mutuelles du Mans in 1972. After completing his PhD in Economics at Sorbonne University and a transition through Paris Insurance School (école des Assurances de Paris), he was hired by CIGNA Corporation that he represented in Côte d’Ivoire as the Head of its subsidiary COLINA. In 1984, he became Director for Africa at UAP (Union des Assurances de Paris) until UAP was taken over by AXA in 1997. In 1998, he decided to create, together with former colleagues, SUNU, a pan-African group that serves the continent.


1941: Born in Dakar, Senegal
1966 - 1972: Professor of Mathematics
1972 - 1979: Mutuelles du Mans
1979 - 1980: CIGNA Corporation
1980 - 1984: PhD in Economics, Sorbonne University
1984 - 1998: Director for Africa at UAP
1998: Creation of SUNU Group


Deputy Managing Director
Head of International Development,
Strategy, Sales and Communication


Deputy Managing Director
Head of Accounting, Finance,
Administration and Legal Affairs.


Head of Management Control
and Financial Management Divisions.