Company history


The SUNU Group continues its development with the creation of a Non-Life company in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Acquisition of Allianz Africa's shareholdings in 6 subsidiaries based in Benin, Burkina Faso (Life/Non-Life), Mali, Togo. This brilliant acquisition also includes the merger of the subsidiary Allianz in the Central African Republic with SUNU Assurances IARD Central Africa. In the same year, BPEC in Togo changes its name to SUNU Bank Togo.


September 2018:

Acquisition of Banque Populaire pour l'Epargne et le Crédit (BPEC) of Togo by SUNU Group.

Name change of the English-speaking companies Equity Assurance to SUNU Assurances.


June 2017: SUNU Santé, incorporated in December 2016, is registered in Togo. The mission of SUNU Santé is to manage the Health insurance contracts issued by General insurance companies of SUNU Group.

July 2017: Incorporation of SUNU Assurances IARD Cameroon following the recapitalisation of the company CAMINSUR.

July 2017: Incorporation of SUNU Investment Holding SA that will be in charge of the bank holdings of SUNU Group.


December 2016: Avie and SUNU Assurances Vie Benin merge and become the biggest Health insurance company in Benin.


January 2015: Rebranding of the 16 subsidiaries of SUNU Group now called SUNU Assurances.

October 2015: Merger of LMAI Vie and SUNU Assurances Vie henceforth to form SUNU Assurances Vie Côte d’Ivoire.

December 2015: Incorporation of a new General insurance company in Gabon: SUNU Assurances IARD Gabon.